Privacy Policy

Skill4trade is mentioned as (Our, We and Us) and committed to preserving the privacy policy by considering all the mentioned clauses as mentioned below. The privacy policy is added to inform all the users about the use of the application and how your data will be used. The privacy policy shall be applied to our web and mobile-based application.

Data Collected
  • User’s Mobile Number, Email Id, and Name, etc kind of data will be captured in the system
  • Via login through social media will enable the system to access the particular media.
The information available at Skill4trade
  • The trading value will be available at the platform and hence the traders can take suitable guidelines. The data is available based on market research.
  • By taking valuable information, users can plan their investments, income, etc.
Third-Party API
  • The user will get registered and verified by SMS hence the third party is being used
  • The third-party payment gateway has been added.
Promotional Activities
  • The captured data will be used for promotional activities where users will get intimated about new services of ours.
  • If required, the user’s personal data may get shared with third parties in order to manage the smooth running of the application.
Privacy Policy-Update

Our privacy policy will get updated at regular intervals; hence we always recommend all the users to browse the page at regular intervals.

Contact Us

We are always available to provide quick resolutions hence without any hesitation, get in touch with us. Our assistance is available via email, call, and chat.